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More Writing Nature Poetry
workshops coming soon . . .

Here is some feedback from previous workshops this year:

“I feel that I have taken the first step to opening up my creative self."

 "I felt I could share my writing for the first time in my life. Thank you."

"A warm atmosphere with no judgement about what we wrote - just positivity and encouragement.”

“Honestly, this has been wonderful. Thank you for creating a space where I feel comfortable to create and express”

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Ongoing workshops

I am one of the team at Creative Alternatives, an Arts on Prescription Service based in St.Helens, Merseyside.


You can find out more by contacting



Workshops in nature


 From 2019 to 2022 I collaborated with conservation projects Dynamic Dunescapes and Gems in the Dunes offering creative workshops in the landscape.  

There was some lovely feedback from participants: 

"Thanks for today. It was really good and felt special"

" I had a really nice time, Hazel and Natalie were super welcoming. Hazel woke our senses and creativity to explore and discover the different landscapes and Natalie is a very knowledgeable guide. Thank you and hope there will be many more walks and wonders x"

You can see participants' work on the Writing from the Dunes blog

More workshop feedback . . .

- 3 creative writing workshops with Gems in the Dunes conservation project -

Night Singing.  Shyness & Swagger.  Moving Mountains

"Inspiring, fun, uplifting"


"I enjoyed linking learning about the project with such an innovative creative format"

"I learned some new approaches to tap into the creative process."

"I found it really inspiring and a great way to combine learning about an animal and how to explore poetry-writing at the same time."

"It was fab and I'm looking at nature with fresh eyes - thankyou"

"Imaginative, engaging, innovative"

"I really enjoyed the amazing Moving Mountains workshop with you both and the other wonderful participants last night. A huge thank you for such an inspiring session - learning such powerful ways to write creatively and about the awesome Northern Dune Tiger Beetle. "


Anchors, Container & Springboards

one-day workshop for counsellors

"Useful and thought-provoking."

"I found the day enjoyable. The exercises led me deeper into my own process in a  very gentle way."

"I group was very supportive and I felt at ease and accepted".

"Deep and insightful. Thoroughly enjoyable."

"Really enjoyable day throughout. I enjoyed all of the exercises and got something from each one. The pace of the day worked well."

Symbols in the Sand

Poetry Walk with Gems in the Dunes

"Went on the “Symbols in the Sand” walk yesterday evening with Fiona, Andrew, and Hazel Mutch. Loved it. Fiona and Andrew were as interesting as usual - I still learn a lot from them after all this time. Hazel was great again. She gave us some interesting and quite challenging tasks on writing and poetry which I really enjoyed. As a born worrier I can say that she does it in a way which is helpful, encouraging, and not at all daunting. Well done and thanks."

Mindfulness Workshop

for What Next Liverpool


I'm familiar with creative writing and mindfulness but this introduced a robust connection between the two and I really appreciate the recognition throughout of some of  my thinking patterns."

"Came in all flustered and hungry and didn't think I'd be able to switch off because the workshop was at my work venue. Hazel put us at ease straight away and I loved the exercises - they were perfect."

"Really enjoyed being offered moments for writing, enjoyed the creativity, good facilitation, surprising outcomes, thanks."

"Hazel was a fantastic practitioner who helped raise awareness, invoke thoughts, and helped us feel more in the moment. I definitely feel a lot calmer after a very hectic weekend."

"I am very tired and nearly didn't come to the session but I'm really glad I did! I have had some time out of my own head which I didn't necessarily realise I needed so much."

3 Creative Writing Workshops

with Gems in the Dunes

The Long Story; Secrets in the Sand;

Wild Wonders


"It was particularly lovely to see the sudden joy on people's faces when something awoke inside them, a creative spark from contact with nature that ignited a passion, idea or memory."

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