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Hello  I believe we’re all creative, and that creativity is essential to our wellbeing. We can lose contact with our creativity for many reasons and I love helping to bring people back to this fundamental aspect of ourselves. I do this through workshops & groups; one-to-one, and through my own creativity.

In these ways, I aim to share what I’ve come to understand about creativity; how we give shape to what exists beyond our senses, whether in imagination, words, a piece of art, or any of the other countless forms of creativity.  My hope is to provide ways for people to experience creativity for self-discovery, expansion, and connection.


Hazel Mutch

Skytree is where I bring together the strands of my work as they continue to develop and merge. The name ‘Skytree’ reflects my interest in the importance of the whole; the seen and the unseen, including the spaces between what takes our attention, which are so very full. There is always more to ourselves and the world than we think there is, and this informs everything I do.

​I am influenced by ancient wisdom, cutting-edge approaches, and my experience in nature. I believe that we naturally know how to live well, and feel well, and do well, but also sometimes need guidance to put us back in touch with this knowing.  I am grateful to my own teachers and mentors as I continue to learn and share what I can as I go. I hope you will find something here to help or inspire you.

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