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Inner landscapes

Natural springs and fountains are sacred and magical places, sources of the most precious resource for physical life, once revered, honoured and associated with divine entities. The physical reality of fresh water appearing from the ground is miraculous enough - the ingenious system of water flow and pressure, and the transformation of saltwater to fresh - in the modern day we have lost touch with the wonder of this. When I stop to appreciate it though, I can feel how the material and the magical are enmeshed. They are not split off from each other, with one real the other not.

The magic and mystery of the natural world has never gone away, but we have separated ourselves off from it. Nevertheless, it waits for us, and is forever entering our psyche as symbols to help us with our experiences.

The fountain holds many symbolic meanings, and for me recently it has been an image which has helped me with thoughts and feelings about what wants to arise in me, and what stops it. I have been asking myself the following questions. If the image of a fountain speaks to you, you might want to ask them too. The questions might relate to something in yourself or in your life:

What is it that wants to arise in me?

What is blocking it?

What do I need to do to unstop the flow?

I hope you find them useful

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